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Reasons why an Air Conditioner is not Blowing Cold Air

Currently, you will find an air conditioner in many houses. All air conditioners regulate room temperature and that is why they are important. For people that live in the cities, this is very important to have. You can stay with your air conditioner for years without problems if it is initially a top tier one and that is was installed very well. As is expected with machines, an air conditioner can develop some issues. Of all the problems that people complain with regard to air conditioners, not blowing cold air is very prominent. Read about the many reasons why the air conditioner that you have does not blow cold air as is supposed to do and how you can be able to fix these problems.

The reason as to why there will be no cold air being blown by the air conditioner is that the air conditioner could have some settings which are not correct. Sometimes the cause of his problem is something this simple. When you think this could be the problem, just take your time and configure the settings of the air conditioner. Here make sure that all the air conditioner’s settings are in line. Just by perusing through the air conditioner manual, you can be aware of the right settings.

If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air its air filters could be blocked. This happens over a long period of time. The cause of the blockage is the dust particles that settle in the air filter. The best way to be rid of this issue is by properly cleaning the air filters of the air conditioner from time to time.

Blockage of the outside condenser of the air conditioner is also another very common reason for an air conditioner not blowing cold air. There is more attention that is paid to the interior well being of an air conditioner than its outside. The end result of blocking the outside condenser is that airflow into the air conditioner will be disrupted and as a result, they lack cold air ensues. The manner in which you fix this problem is by unclogging the outside air condenser.

The last reason why an air conditioner will not be blowing cold air is that the air ducts in the air conditioner are very leaky. It is very common for the air conditioners air ducts to develop some leaks after being in use for a long time. For this particular reason, you can not fix it yourself and instead, you should look for and hire an air conditioner repair service to fix the leaky air ducts.

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